Democrats in Panic Over Biden

( – Democrats are in panic mode over President Joe Biden’s chances of re-election.

According to more than a dozen Democratic Party leaders and operatives, worries over Biden’s prospects of not winning re-election have grown with just five months left before the election.

While Biden continues to poll poorly, some in the party are panicking, “creating the freakout” as they worry about his re-election chances. Polls from many battleground states show former President Donald Trump with a lead over Biden. Trump also managed to raise more money than Biden in April, raising $25 million more than Biden, including a record $50.5 million at a fundraiser in Palm Beach, Florida.

Democrats’ concern continued to grow after Trump’s large rallies in traditionally blue areas such as on May 11 in Wildwood, New Jersey, and on May 23 in the Bronx, New York. Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine said, “New York Democrats need to wake up,” calling the number of people in New York speaking positively about Trump “alarming.”

With donors calling “on an hourly basis” to ask for his opinion on the race, an adviser for major Democratic Party donors is keeping a list of reasons Biden could lose the election, such as high inflation, his age, immigration, the unpopularity of Vice President Kamala Harris, and other candidates such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He noted the “list of why we ‘could’ win is so small” he does not keep it on his phone.

While Democrats, such as Michigan Rep. Dan Kildee and New Hampshire Rep. Ann Kuster, hope to rally voters around abortion rights to help Biden, many remain critical of that approach. A longtime Democratic strategist who’s worked on multiple presidential campaigns, Pete Giangreco, noted that Democrats lose voters to the question of “what was better,” the four years under Trump or 3.5 under Biden.

However, Biden campaign spokesperson Kevin Munoz remains positive, stating that while some may be worried about “Trump’s photo-ops and PR stunts,” they will not sway “the voters that will decide this election.”

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