Democratic Mayor Begs For Help From The Wealthy

( – As migrant costs continue to rise, New York City Mayor Eric Adams is looking to wealthy New Yorkers for help.

During a Police Athletic League event at the Harvard Club, Adams called the crisis “an all-hands-on-deck moment.” He stated that he needs those attending the event, which included Tony Danza and John Catsimatidis, “more than ever” to support various organizations such as PAL and the Robin Hood Foundation. Adams added that their “philanthropic interests must align” to fill the “gaps and services that we are seeing today.”

Adams’ comments come after he made the first of three rounds of 5 percent cuts to the budget in New York City as he attempts to find the money for the migrant crisis the city is facing. The city is required to ensure that the migrants get food and shelter, which is costing New York City taxpayers roughly $400 per immigrant per day. Since spring 2022, the city has spent over $12 billion on the more than 140,000 migrants who arrived in New York.

The budget cuts will reduce police numbers. Hiring for the New York Police Department will be frozen to bring the numbers from 33,000 to below 30,000 by the end of fiscal year 2025. There will also be cuts to the budgets for sanitation and education, including cuts to the universal pre-kindergarten program. Adams claimed the cuts were needed as the city expects to spend $11 billion on the migrant crisis in fiscal year 2024 and in fiscal year 2025.

Adams also asked those concerned with the issue to contact the Biden administration and their federal representatives. He said they “cannot continue to watch New York City carry a national crisis.”

New York City has asked for additional help from the federal government to assist with the migrant crisis. The Biden administration requested $14 billion more in emergency funding for border operations, which includes $1.4 billion in grants to help local governments and nonprofits.

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