Democrat Faces Heckling During Live Television Broadcast

( – On Dec. 20, an individual began heckling 2024 Democratic Baltimore mayoral candidate Sheila Dixon during a live, televised interview, causing the interview to stop.

The unidentified individual was heckling and hurling objects at Dixon at her home during the interview with WBFF Fox45 anchor Patrice Sanders via video link.

Dixon’s voice sounded croaky during the interview because she had a cold.  She was promoting a public safety town hall hosted by Dixon, local Councilman Eric Costello and WBFF Fox45, scheduled for later that day in South Baltimore. She responded to a question about the biggest concerns of residents of Baltimore, saying it is that “people don’t feel safe, people are afraid.”

As she responded, an article of clothing flew by Dixon, who continued to say that residents want to see police in their communities and “that’s not happening.”

More pieces of clothing then hit Dixon, pushing the camera down. Dixon raised the camera, Sanders asked another question about policing, and, from off-camera, a male’s voice was overheard talking loudly. Sanders asked Dixon if she could hear the questions, noting there was “a lot of feedback there.” Asked if police had their “hands tied” in regard to holding criminals accountable, Dixon responded, “The police officers have a responsibility to do things.” As Dixon answered the question, another item of clothing was thrown toward her, and the male’s voice was again overheard.

Sanders ended the interview by saying it appeared Dixon was “fighting through this,” adding that she should “conserve her voice.”

Video of the incident was posted to TikTok, where some users commented that Dixon should “talk with police about her personal safety.”

Dixon, the Baltimore mayor from 2007 to 2010, is seeking the Democratic nomination for mayor to run again in 2024. She became mayor in 2007 after her predecessor became the governor of Maryland. In 2010, she stepped down as mayor as part of a plea deal after being convicted for embezzlement.

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