CCP Uses Terrorist Propaganda Against Israel

( – Even as evidence emerged showing a failed Hamas rocket was likely responsible for an airstrike hitting a Gaza hospital, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continued to state that Israel had committed a “war crime” as well as share Hamas’ propaganda videos of the strike.

As news of the Oct. 17 blast at Gaza’s Ahli Arab Hospital spread, the Gaza Health Ministry rushed to report that an Israel airstrike was to blame for around 500 deaths. The report was shared by many mainstream media outlets. In contrast, the Israeli military stated that Islamic Jihad, a Palestinian militant group that works with Hamas, was to blame.

Despite the conflicting information, on Oct. 18 the Global Times, a CCP outlet, posted a video that featured Hu Xijin calling for the “war crimes” related to the hospital blast to be investigated by the International Criminal Court. A strategic alliance reportedly formed months ago between the CCP and the Palestinians.

The move by the CCP came as Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, the spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), released the news of a conversation between Hamas terrorists regarding a rocket that misfired and landed in Gaza had been intercepted by Israel. Cornicus also released photographic evidence that he says showed it was a Hamas rocket, not an Israeli rocket, that hit the Gaza hospital’s parking lot, damaging cars and causing a fire. According to the Jerusalem Post, intelligence now shows that between 10 and 50 people were killed by the blast.

In the Oct. 18 video featuring China’s Xijin, he continues to state that 500 people were killed in the blast, calling it a crime “against humanity.” In the video, Xijin says that there have not been 500 deaths at a hospital since World War II. In making his claims, Xijin cites only Gazan sources, adding that Gaza’s “poorly-made rockets” could not “generate such immense power.” Xijin went on to say that Israel has shown a “lack of honest credibility” in the past. He added that he hopes a “thorough investigation” into the blast will be conducted by the “international community.”

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