California GOP Representative David Valadao Attacked By Anti-Israel Protesters

( – On Nov. 27, California Rep. David Valadao’s district office in Hanford, California, was vandalized by what he said were “anti-Israel protesters.”

Valadao posted a photo of his office to Twitter that showed his office covered in fake blood and posters featuring pictures of children along with the words, “Murdered by Israel.” He stated that while he “strongly supports the right to peaceful protest,” however, he added that “violence and vandalism are never acceptable.” He said that you do not make your voice heard by “harassment and intimidation.”

In the post, Valadao called out the protesters. He said the activists would support eradicating Hamas if they “truly cared about Palestinian children.” He added that Hamas puts Palestinian civilians at risk when they continue to use “hospitals and schools as cover for their military operations.” Valadao’s post ended by stating that the office would be open and accessible by appointment.

The vandalism occurred before staff arrived at the Hanford office that morning, according to Valadao’s office. Reports have been filed with law enforcement as well as the Capitol Police.

Surveillance video shows four people had thrown a red substance on the building, smeared it on the glass, and taped posters to the building, according to a statement from the Hanford Police Department. Police located discarded bottles of dark red syrup. It appeared the vandalism happened between 11 p.m. and midnight Nov. 26, Hanford police Lt. Justin Vallin. He added that police were still reviewing the surveillance footage.

Previously, Valadao tweeted pro-Israel statements, including a Nov. 3 post denouncing antisemitism and calling for sanctions against Hamas. He has also voted to sanction Hamas, provide emergency funding to Israel, sanction Hamas and condemn antisemitism on college campuses.

The incident comes as Israel and Palestine have committed to a ceasefire that includes the release of some of the hostages from the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas that killed 1,400 people.

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