Boeing 747 Emergency Landing in Miami Due to Onboard Fire

( – On Jan. 18, a Boeing 747 cargo plane, Atlas Air flight 5Y095, made an emergency landing after it experienced an engine malfunction soon after takeoff from Miami International Airport.

Flames were seen coming from the plane, which had just taken off from the Miami airport and was bound for Puerto Rico’s Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport.

A cellphone video posted to Instagram shows the plane and what seems to be a trail of fire behind it. The person filming says, “Oh, my God, it’s on fire!”

Miami resident Melanie Adaros said the plane sounded as if it was low, adding it was at a “steady level and it was shooting sparks.”

The Miami-Dade Fire Rescue received a call from the control tower at the airport that a fire was coming from a plane in the sky, according to a department representative. However, no fire was coming from the engine when the plane landed back at Miami International Airport.

According to Atlas Air, “the crew followed all standard procedures,” and the plane landed safely back at Miami International Airport with no injuries reported from the incident. The company added that it would begin an investigation. A preliminary examination showed “a softball-sized hole above the #2 engine.”

According to Boeing’s website, four General Electric GEnx engines power the 747-8 model.

In a Jan. 19 statement, the Federal Aviation Administration said it would begin an investigation into the incident. The National Transportation Safety Board will also investigate the Atlas Air incident.

This is the second incident this month with a Boeing aircraft. The FAA is investigating another Boeing aircraft after a door plug fell off the fuselage of an Alaska Airlines flight mid-flight, causing the aircraft to make an emergency landing. The FAA responded to the incident by grounding some Boeing 737 Max 9 planes. According to the FAA, inspections have been completed on 40 of the 171 planes grounded by the FAA.

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