Biden’s Pentagon Allegedly Threw Out Findings on Commander’s ‘Misconduct’

( – A secret investigation conducted by the Pentagon allegedly resulted in the findings of misconduct by a California National Guard commander being thrown out.

The California National Guard had been investigating allegations of misconduct against Col. Lisa Nemeth following her 2020 appointment as commander of the 146th Airlift Wing. The investigation, which included over three dozen confidential interviews and examining financial records and documents, focused on a variety of issues. One was the mess her dog, a Dalmatian, made in a military building, while another was how she handled the drunk-driving crash of another high-ranking officer. However, most of the accusations against Nemeth focused on how her actions created a culture of poor morale. The investigation concluded in 2022, finding Nemeth engaged in conduct unbecoming an officer.

However, in June 2022, the then-director of the Air National Guard for the U.S., Lt. Gen. Michael Loh, called for the then-adjutant general heading the California Military Department, Maj. Gen. David Baldwin, to reject the findings as Nemeth was set to be promoted to general and join Loh’s staff. Even though the inspector general who conducted the investigation was a woman, Loh requested Baldwin have a woman conduct another investigation.

Though Baldwin denied Loh’s request, the Washington, D.C.-based Air Force inspector general stepped in, overturning the findings and clearing Nemeth.

Maj. Gen. Matthew Beevers, Baldwin’s successor, asked the Air Force inspector general about overturning the findings in a 2022 memo. In response to Beevers, the Air Force inspector general stated that there was no evidence to support the findings of the investigation.

Loh should not have interfered with a state investigation and disregarded the chain of command in the case, according to a former judge advocate for the California National Guard, Dwight Stirling.

The news comes after the U.S. Senate confirmed Nemeth’s nomination to the rank of brigadier general in May. However, it is unclear if the promotion has been finalized. Loh retired in early June.

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