Biden’s Former Ally Attacks Bidenomics

( – Symone Sanders-Townsend, a former campaign aide for President Joe Biden in 2020, is attacking his “Bidenomics” campaign message, suggesting that it should be dropped.

Just “Let it go,” Townsend said about the “Bidenomics” campaign phrase.

The host of the MSNBC “The Weekend show” stated that voters are just not getting the message, adding that the campaign needs to let voters “know what you’re going to do and what you did.” She said the messaging is not “plain enough” so voters can understand it and that the campaign is instead focusing on acronyms. She added that stories, not data, move people to support a candidate and that the campaign needs to get in front of people.

Townsend, who also served as an adviser to Vice President Kamala Harris, said Biden’s campaign is not letting him talk to the people, which is “what he does best.” She added that Biden has been on a stage and on a prompter where “He gives his speech, and he gets out,” but that he should be in a town hall setting where he is “taking questions from the American people.” Townsend suggested that voters concerned about Biden’s age might be alleviated of that concern in a more intimate setting, such as a town hall.

Townsend is not the only one commenting on the “Bidenomics” message. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was questioned about the term and why key voting blocs appear to be looking away from the Democratic Party. She responded to the question by stating, “It’s going to take a little bit of time” for people to see what “Bidenomics” has accomplished.

In December, Orlando attorney John Morgan, a long-time Democratic donor, said Biden needed to find another term to describe his economic policies. He added that the person who came up with the campaign slogan does not “have a place in the advertising world.”

Meanwhile, polls show that Democratic voters remain unenthusiastic about Biden’s economic policies.

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