Biden’s Brewery Speech Leads to Embarrassment

( – Users on social media mocked President Joe Biden for “his best gibberish yet” after he stumbled through a Jan. 25 speech at the Earth Rider Brewery in Superior, Wisconsin.

Biden gave a campaign speech at the brewery about how economic policies, “Bidenomics,” and his infrastructure bill have helped the country. However, his talking points were overshadowed by his stumbling through his words.

In the middle of his speech, he began mumbling incoherently about “The beer brewed here.” He said “it is used to make the brew beered here.” As the audience laughed, he continued, “Ooh, Earth Rider,” then added, “thanks for the Great Lakes. I wonder why…”

On Twitter, social media users began mocking Biden, with conservative influencer Collin Rugg posting that it sounds like Biden “is speaking a different language,” adding that people should not worry about Biden’s age and health because the media says he “is sharper than ever!”

The RNC Research account posted on Twitter that the president “is having a VERY tough time” reading his speech off “his giant teleprompter today.” While conservative influencer “Catturd” wrote, “This is getting so bad. What a freaking joke.”

The Twitter account for the Trump campaign also weighed in on Biden’s mistake, posting, “COGNITIVELY IMPAIRED JOE BIDEN.”

Rich Sementa, producer of The Mark Levin Show, called it “Biden’s Best Gibberish Yet.”

Some users even questioned if Biden had been drinking.

Conservative commentator Paul Szypula had a different take, using the incident to call out the Democrats, who are “propping Biden up.” He called it “shameful and an insult to all elderly” people what the Democrats are doing to Biden, who is “clearly debilitated.”

Biden’s latest verbal slip-up comes two days after another comment about abortion during a rally in Virginia. His comments come as polls continue showing voters are concerned about his age. At 81, he is the oldest sitting president, and if re-elected, he would be 86 at the end of his second term.

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