Biden Supporter Claims He’s Manipulating Everyone with Lies

( – In a new video project, “The Undecideds,” a focus group of eight undecided voters shared their opinions about the economic policies of President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

During the first installment released by the video platform 2WAY on April 10, one Biden supporter from Michigan revealed why he would not be supporting Biden in 2024. The voter, “Omar,” said that while he voted for Biden in 2020, he is tired of the president’s failure to address the economic issues impacting the American people. He said Biden is “gaslighting literally everyone” when he claims the economy is doing well, stating Biden is just “talking about the stock market.” Omar noted that Biden is not talking about grocery store prices, homelessness, or joblessness when he claims the economy is “doing stellar.”

The comments came as the voters from the battleground swing states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin discussed their “single biggest reservation” about voting for Biden, which they said is the state of the economy.

All of the voters were asked if they thought they were better under Trump’s economy or Biden’s economy, with all eight answering that they felt they did better under Trump’s economy. As a follow-up question, the voters were asked if Biden “could do or say” anything between now and November to change their opinion about his economy being better for them and their families. One voter responded that she feels Biden does not truly address the economy or take accountability for what is happening with the economy, adding, “He’s in denial that it’s happening.”

One of the founding members of the 2WAY platform, Mark Halperin, who conducted the focus group, said the project “is an unprecedented 2024 battleground state project,” allowing voters from the seven swing states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin to come to together as they decide who to support for president.

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