Biden Refuses Invitation to Testify

( – On April 15, President Joe Biden, 81, formally refused House Oversight Committee Chairman and Kentucky Rep. James Comer’s invitation to testify in the House Republicans impeachment inquiry investigation.

In a letter to Comer, White House counsel Richard Sauber wrote that the only evidence found during the impeachment inquiry is that “the President has done nothing wrong.” Sauber added that the House should focus on important issues and stop wasting taxpayer funds “on this partisan charade.”

In a seven-page letter sent to Biden in March, Comer extended an invitation to testify before investigators during a proposed hearing on April 16. In the letter, Comer noted evidence shows Biden has “been repeatedly untruthful” about having no interaction with the foreign business associates of Hunter Biden, 54, and James Biden, 75. Comer invited Biden to testify “under oath” about his involvement “with your family’s sources of income,” with Comer noting that the investigation has uncovered more than $24 million that has come from foreign sources to the Biden family and its business associates.

After learning Biden would not testify, Comer stated that “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” comparing the president to his son, Hunter Biden, who also refused to testify before the committee. Comer said Biden’s refusal to testify before the committee “comes as no surprise” as Biden “continues to lie.” He added that “It is unfortunate” Biden refused to answer “the very simple, straightforward questions,” which were “included in the invitation.” In the invitation, Comer included 10 questions that the committee wanted to ask, requesting that Biden provide written answers about alleged contacts between himself and the business associates of Hunter Biden and James Biden.

Biden was not anticipated to accept the invitation as the last sitting president to publicly testify before Congress was former President Gerald Ford in 1974.

Brought on in 2022 to oversee Biden’s response to congressional investigations into the Biden family, Sauber is leaving the White House in May and returning to the private sector. His deputy, Rachel Cotton, will replace him.

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