Biden Fumbles Pacific Islands Acronym

( – While announcing plans for a new initiative with the Pacific Islands, President Joe Biden, 80, fumbled the acronym of the initiative.

In a meeting with leaders from the Pacific Islands, he began discussing the administration’s new $40 billion Pacific Islands Infrastructure Initiative. Biden told the 18-member White House forum “We call it the P, PI” before stopping trying to say the acronym and instead saying “anyways, doesn’t matter what we call it.”

Biden then joked that he had “was going to get back to acronyms” but that he was “not doing that.”

That was not his only mistake during the event. During the meeting, the U.S. officially established diplomatic relations with two South Pacific nations, Cooks Island and Niue. While announcing the new relations, Biden also commented how he and the Cooks Island Prime Minister Mark Brown were both from Baltimore, though neither are from Baltimore. Biden stated, “We are both from Baltimore, but that’s a long story.”

Biden, from Scranton, attended the University of Delaware, while Brown’s official bio says he attended Massey University in New Zealand.

Biden has also attended other events in the week ending Sept. 22 that have raised questions about his age. In an event with the Hispanic caucus, he instead mentioned the name of the black caucus. While on stage Sept. 21 at the United Nations, Biden walked into a big Brazilian flag before walking off stage without shaking the hand of Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

As a child, Biden suffered from a speech impediment and has openly discussed his lifelong challenges of having a stutter. However, most of his recent fumbles have called into question whether he should run for a second term given his age. He is the oldest sitting U.S. president.

Polls show that almost three-quarters of Americans are seriously concerned Biden’s age could affect his current level of physical and mental competence negatively.

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