Biden Dismisses Significance of Trump’s Iowa Caucus Victory

( – President Joe Biden is downplaying the significance of former President Donald Trump’s record-breaking victory in the 2024 Iowa Caucus.

According to the most recent estimates, Trump received more than 56,260 votes, a record-breaking estimated 51 percent. Trump’s 30-point margin of victory also set a record for the largest margin of victory achieved in the Iowa Caucus since it became the first presidential nominating contest in the country.

Following Trump’s win, Biden posted on Twitter that the 2024 race is “you and me vs. extreme MAGA Republicans,” along with a link to his fundraising page.

Then, on Jan. 18, Biden stated, “I don’t think Iowa means anything,” before adding that the 56,260 votes was the “lowest number of votes anybody who’s won” has received. Biden said that the “idea that it’s been a runaway,” he would let people decide if that was true.

Biden was not the only one weighing in on Trump’s victory. Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker also commented, echoing Biden’s statement that the margin of victory and record-breaking numbers don’t mean anything.

In the 2020 Iowa Caucus, Biden received 13.7 percent of the vote, coming in fourth to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who won the popular vote after receiving 45,652 votes.

On Jan. 15, Republicans saw about 110,000 voters, or 15 percent, participate in the 2024 Iowa Caucus, the lowest number since 2000. However, many parts of the state faced below-zero temperatures along with blizzard conditions and slippery roads Jan.15. In the 2016 Republican Iowa Caucus, 187,000 voters participated, while Democrats had 176,400 voters participate in the 2020 Iowa Caucus.

Next up is the Jan. 23 New Hampshire primary, when voters will decide between Trump and former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis dropped out of the race Jan. 21. Biden’s name will not be on the New Hampshire primary ballot. However, efforts were launched for his supporters to write him in.

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