Bernie Sanders Gets Into Shouting Match With Fox Reporter

( – On March 14, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders got into a heated exchange with Fox Business reporter Hillary Vaughn over his proposal to reduce the work week to 32 hours.

In the Senate, Sanders and fellow Democrat, California Sen. Laphonza Butler, selected to replace the late Sen. Dianne Feinstein by California Gov. Gavin Newsom, introduced the legislation. A companion bill was introduced in the House by California Rep. Mark Takono, a Democrat.

According to the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, over a period of four years, the proposal would reduce the work week to four days with no loss of pay. During the hearing, Sanders, an Independent, compared his legislation, the “Thirty-Two Hour Work Week Act,” to European countries such as France and Norway, adding that a 32-hour work week is not a “radical idea.”

Sanders had finished holding a hearing in support of the proposed legislation when he was confronted by Vaughn, who was attempting to ask him about the cost associated with his proposal of a 32-hour work week.

Sanders interrupted Vaugh’s attempt to question him multiple times, saying that “despite a huge increase in worker productivity,” most people continue to live paycheck to paycheck as new wealth goes “to the top one percent.”

As Sanders began to walk away, Vaughn started asking him another question about how “Democrats want businesses to be taxed more” before Sanders again interrupted her, saying, “That’s not my assumption, I don’t think so!”

Vaughn continued to ask her question about how Democrats want to raise the minimum wage and how this new proposal would “pay people not to work.”

Sanders shouted back, “I can yell as loud as you!” as Vaughn attempted to finish asking her question about how businesses would survive with all the proposals.

Sanders responded that billionaires need “to start paying their fair share of taxes,” as he waved his hand in her face.

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