Ben Carson: Electing Trump Is the way to Regain Control from Federal Bureaucracy

( – Former neurosurgeon Ben Carson is speaking out about former President Donald Trump, saying re-electing Trump is the “best chance” the country has to take back control of the federal bureaucracy from the Democrats.

During an interview with The Daily Wire, Carson called Washington “polluted,” saying that it is not just a swamp but is “really a cesspool.” He added that Trump winning re-election is the country’s “best chance” of turning it “into something that actually works for the people.”

He stated that Trump would bring people into the federal government who understand what representation of the people means and “who actually believe the Constitution,” which Carson said is necessary “to save this republic.”

Carson said that while serving as the Trump administration’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, he experienced bureaucrats attempting to obstruct Trump’s agenda, stating that they would “slow-walk things that they disagreed with.” He said that if he is re-elected, Trump plans to gut the administrative branch, firing those who might undermine his agenda after using an executive order known as Schedule F, allowing the president to fire “every executive branch employee.”

Carson’s comments come as the Biden administration continues embedding Democratic ideologies about topics such as diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) into the practices of federal agencies. An example of this is a DEI newsletter sent out by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to the Department of Justice, FBI, and CIA that instructs agents, when discussing Islamic terrorism, to avoid the use of “problematic phrases.”

Millions of taxpayer dollars have funded DEI initiatives at other federal agencies, such as the Pentagon, which spent at least $270 million advancing President Joe Biden’s agenda. While throughout federal agencies, DEI training is now commonplace.

Carson stated that Trump’s plan to “pass critical reforms” related to being able to fire employees pushing Democratic ideology on federal agencies leaves Democrats “terrified of the concept of Trump getting back into office.” Carson added that it is “almost unimaginable what they’ll do” to keep him from being re-elected.

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