Barr Supports Trump Over Biden for President

( – Former attorney general in former President Donald Trump’s administration, Bill Barr, 73, said he is endorsing Trump, calling President Joe Biden’s administration the greater threat to American democracy.

Barr’s comments came during an April 20 interview on “Cavuto Live” on Fox News while discussing what a potential second Trump administration would look like, noting Trump’s priority would be making sure people in his administration were “more subservient to him.” However, Barr said the notion Trump would take over as a “right-wing dictator” is not the real threat to democracy, adding that the real threat to democracy comes from the “far left” and the push “toward really a socialistic system.” He told Fox News host Neil Cavuto that Biden should not “be anywhere near the Oval Office.”

Barr said the Biden administration has a “totalitarian temper,” adding that they are attempting “to squelch opposition and freedom of speech.” He called the Biden administration “a heavy-handed bunch of thugs,” adding that is where the greatest threat to democracy comes from.

Barr’s April 20 comments supporting Trump follow his April 17 comment that “a continuation of the Biden administration is national suicide,” adding that a second Biden term is the worst possible outcome for the United States.

The endorsement of Trump indicates that Barr, who ended his term in the Trump administration in December 2020 after disagreements over Trump’s claim of election fraud, appears to have set aside his past grievances with Trump. At the time, Barr argued that there was no evidence to support Trump’s allegations of election fraud.

Though he has often criticized Trump, Barr noted that he always supported Trump’s policies, adding that their disagreements came from Trump’s behavior. Despite his criticism of his former boss, Barr made it clear that he supports Trump over Biden in the upcoming election, noting that he needs to pick the candidate who “would do the least harm to the country.”

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