Anti-Trump Remarks Briefly Shut Down House Floor

( – On May 22, House Rules Committee Ranking Member and Massachusetts Rep. Jim McGovern was rebuked on the House floor following his “offensive” comments about former President Donald Trump.

The half-hour-long incident began when McGovern, during his opening remarks for the debate about a set of Republican-led bills related to non-citizen voting and cryptocurrency, launched into comments about Trump and the legal cases against him. McGovern stated that the “real facts” are that Trump is “on trial for covering up hush money payments” to former adult film star Stormy Daniels, adding that he also faces “three other felony prosecutions.” He stated that lawmakers are “being prevented from even acknowledging” Trump’s cases, adding that lawmakers can discuss the trial “but you have to call it a sham.”

Republican Alabama Rep. Jerry Carl, who was presiding over the House floor, reminded McGovern “to refrain from engaging in personalities towards” the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. However, McGovern continued, responding that he was stating “just the truth.”

Republican Indiana Rep. Erin Houchin asked twice for McGovern’s remarks to be stricken from the congressional record.

McGovern was asked to sit down by Carl with the House going into an hour-long standstill as members determined how to proceed with the request from Houchin. Carl ruled that McGovern’s comments would be removed from the record because they were “offensive” and violated the House rules of decorum during a debate because insulting a presumptive presidential nominee is the same as insulting the sitting president.

During an interview later in the day, McGovern stated that he does not regret what he said, and Houchin’s “stupid” move “actually amplifies what I said.”

Houchin stated McGovern’s words would not have been stricken from the record if “had stuck to just that there is a court case” and not “persisted in making specific accusations.”

Some Democrats came to his defense as Texas Democrat Rep. Veronica Escobar commented about the indictment on Twitter, questioning whether “facts” can be said on the House floor.

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