90210 Star Attacked By Motorcyclists in Los Angeles

(UnitedHeadlines.com) – On Jan. 1, actor Ian Ziering, 59, spoke out after being attacked on New Year’s Eve by several people riding mini bikes on Hollywood Boulevard following a confrontation.

A video published by TMZ shows the star of “Beverly Hills, 90210” brawling with multiple assailants Dec. 31. In the video, it appears Ziering shoves one of the bikers, which prompts other bikers to join in the fight. Multiple bikers are seen aggressively approaching Ziering as he attempts to run across the street to escape. He is seen consoling his daughter Mia, 12, who was crying as she was in the car with him at the time of the incident.

Officers from the Los Angeles Police Department responded after receiving reports of a group of bikers driving recklessly and a fight breaking out. While it remains unclear what started the confrontation, the official police report lists Ziering as the victim of the incident.

Ziering shared details about the incident in a post on Instagram. He wrote that he was stuck in traffic when a mini bike rider approached his car “aggressively.” He stated that he exited his car when attempting “to assess any damage,” leading to “a physical altercation, which I navigated to protect myself.”

He added that while both he and his daughter were “completely unscathed” following the incident, he was “deeply concerned” about how “such groups who disrupt public safety and peace” are becoming emboldened. He called it “unacceptable” that these groups are allowed to “engage in this kind of behavior,” which causes “fear and chaos.”

In his post, he then urged city officials and law enforcement to utilize “necessary resources to prevent future occurrences” and “to take decisive action against such lawlessness.” He added that in “challenging moments,” the “strength and unity of our community are most vital.” He ended the post by thanking his fans, friends and family for their support and wishing them a Happy New Year.

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