Zelenskyy Calls for Surrender — Of Russian Troops!

Zelenskyy Calls for Surrender — Of Russian Troops!

(UnitedHeadlines.com) – Russia’s military action against the much smaller Ukraine doesn’t seem to be going as well as President Vladimir Putin hoped. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his forces have put up a tough fight despite being severely outgunned and outnumbered. Now, Zelenskyy is urging Russian forces to call it quits.

During the Ukrainian President’s nightly address, Zelenskyy urged Russian forces to lay down their arms. The president asserted he was offering them a chance to live, citing the number of Russians who already lost their lives.

Zelenskyy claimed Russia had already lost more in this clash than it did during the Chechnya conflict. The Ukrainian President told Russian forces that Ukraine intercepts their messages, so they know what their enemies truly think about the military action and the senseless war.

Zelenskyy added he knows they just want to survive, offering them a chance at fair and humane treatment by choosing to surrender to Ukrainian forces, something he claims Russia has not done for Ukraine or its army. Ukraine and Russia are set to hold peace talks once again where Zelenskyy claims they’ve gone well so far.

Obviously, the two countries haven’t come to an agreement yet. However, the Russians may be in over their heads as Ukraine continues to put up a good fight. Perhaps it’s because they have something to fight for: honor, sovereignty, and freedom.

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