Woman Sues Kellogg for $5 million Over Pop-Tarts

Woman Sues Kellogg for $5 million Over Pop-Tarts

(UnitedHeadlines.com) – The Kellogg Company is one of the biggest food manufacturers in the United States that produces cereals and other grain-based products. One of its products, Pop-Tarts, has been a huge success for Kellogg, but the popular breakfast item is now also a thorn in the company’s side.

Kellogg is facing a lawsuit from a New York woman who claims the company falsely advertises their product, namely strawberry flavored Pop-Tarts. The woman is seeking $5 million in damages and requested a jury trial.

The basis of her claim is that Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts do not contain as much strawberry as the company leads people to believe. Elizabeth Russett, the plaintiff, filed the suit on October 19, claiming the product contained more apples and pears than it did strawberries, which she claims could mislead some consumers.

Russett alleges that strawberry is only added to the food for flavor and that the red color comes from paprika extract and vegetable juice. She also noted that a strawberry Pop-Tart does not offer the same nutrition as the actual fruit.

The plaintiff’s legal counsel, Spencer Sheehan, admitted that no one expects to get everything from a Pop-Tart that a strawberry has to offer. Still, Sheehan believes if it’s going to be called a strawberry Pop-Tart, actually strawberries should constitute the majority of its ingredients.

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