Wisconsin Court Director Formally Files Charges Against Justices

(UnitedHeadlines.com) – On Aug. 15, the former Wisconsin state court system director Randy Koschnick, who was recently fired, filed five complaints against four liberal Wisconsin state Supreme Court justices as well as complaints against his replacement.

The complaints were filed against his successor Audrey Skwierawski, who was a Milwaukee County Circuit Judge, as well as Wisconsin state Supreme Court Justices Janet Protasiewicz, Ann Walsh Bradley, Jill Karofsky, and Rebecca Dallet. In his complaints filed with the Wisconsin Judicial Commission, Koschnick states that Skwierawski, who was named as Koschnick’s replacement, can’t legally assume the position.

According to the Wisconsin constitution, justices are prohibited from working in a nonjudicial role until the end of their term ends. Due to the constitutional restriction, Koschnick argues that Skwierawski is not eligible to serve as director until July 2025.

The Wisconsin state court system director is the state’s top nonjudicial court official. The director advises the Supreme Court on how to improve court processes as well as overseeing court budgets and operations.

In 2008, conservatives gained control of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. However, they did not fire the director, John Voelker. Koschnick was appointed to the role by a conservative majority in 2017. In April, one day after the Wisconsin Supreme Court flipped to liberal control, Koschinck was fired. Skwierawski then began serving as director in August, taking a leave of absence from her judicial position on Aug. 3.

On Aug. 16, Skwierawski stated that she, along with several other legal experts, had been thoroughly examined before she accepted the position. Both Rick Niess, a former Dane County Circuit Court Judge, as well as Madison attorney Lester Pines argue that the director position is a judicial role because it falls under the judicial branch.

Koschnick stated that he is “not trying to get my job back.” He added that he is “concerned about the court system and the constitution being followed.”

Conservative Chief Justice Annette Ziegler called the move “shameful” stating it is “a raw exercise of overreaching power.”

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