Traveling Nurses Facing Job Losses as Funds Dry Up

Traveling Nurses Facing Job Losses as Funds Dry Up

Popular Job Now Facing Layoffs

( – When the COVID-19 pandemic began, patients overwhelmed hospitals and clinics. Many nurses quit due to stress, leaving the medical field understaffed and suffering — leading to a rise in traveling nurses. Struggling hospitals would pay double, or even triple, the salaries of in-house staff for these wandering professionals. While this arrangement worked at the onset of the pandemic, many facilities no longer want to employ these travel nurses.

The pandemic finally seems to be coming to an end. NBC reports that cases and hospitalizations in connection to the virus have slowed down, even notably decreasing in some areas. As the number of patients wanes, the need for nurses also diminishes.

Hospitals aren’t as desperate now, removing the need to pay travel nurses large sums of money to fill voids in staffing. The change is leading to canceled or scaled-back contracts, sometimes even during orientation.

What does this mean for the future of travel nurses? In the short term, they may have to consider taking pay cuts, which could be extraordinary considering some make over $100/hr. In the long term, the demand for these healthcare workers might not be so high, meaning that many may have to go back to being in-house nurses.

These professionals accepted the challenge that COVID-19 presented, but now they face a different challenge: readjusting to life after the pandemic.

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