Supreme Court Poll Shows Sad Truth About Current State of America

Supreme Court Poll Shows Sad Truth About Current State of America

( – The US Supreme Court has faced allegations that its justices have embraced partisan positions and no longer uphold the Constitution and the law. A recent poll by Selzer & Company, available through Grinnell College, shows much of America believes the same.

The poll indicated that most people believe personal politics, and not the law, drives the bulk of the Supreme Court’s decisions. More than 60% of American voters polled said they felt this way, and both Democrats and Republicans appeared to agree on the matter. Among the voters who supported Biden in 2020, 67% believed the court to be too political. Trump’s voters weren’t far behind, with 58% saying they had similar feelings.

Much of America also favors term limits for the justices, again with bipartisan support. The poll indicates that 54% of Trump voters supported the idea, with 74% of Biden voters agreeing.

It’s not just Democrats and Republicans who feel this way. Independents also indicated similar feelings, with 63% saying they believed the court was politically charged. Likewise, 67% favored the idea of creating 15-year term limits as opposed to the lifetime appointments current justices enjoy.

Chief Justice John Roberts related that the current atmosphere surrounding the court is a nightmare. He has spent much of his time on the bench working to preserve the Supreme Court’s integrity and keeping it from becoming a political institution. It’s disheartening that Americans’ faith in the nation’s highest court has stirred up such controversy.

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