Supreme Court Denies Maine Religious Objection Claim

Supreme Court Denies Maine Religious Objection Claim

( – The Supreme Court has come under fire recently, with many people claiming the high court has become too politically polarized. The argument to support these claims is that the justices only rule in favor of their political beliefs. The Left pushes the idea that conservative judges only vote in favor of conservative policies. That theory blew up on Democrats after the Supreme Court ruled against the religious claims of some workers in Maine.

The Argument

Nine healthcare workers have come forward in Maine to fight against the state’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates. The group noted that Maine is an extreme case as it only allows medical reasons for vaccine exemption; that they believe the state should include religious reasons as well. They asserted that 47 states allow both medical and religion-based exemptions, but the court held out against such claims and refused to intervene.

Ruling Against Their Party’s Beliefs

In an unexpected turn of events, two conservative justices ruled in favor with their liberal counterparts to deny religious exemption claims of medical workers in Maine regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. The workers claim their religious beliefs should be enough to exempt them from a vaccine mandate, but the court ruled otherwise. Some of these medical employees face losing their jobs and careers as a result of vaccine mandates in Maine if they don’t receive the inoculation by the set deadline.

Republican justices Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh, both Trump appointees, ruled against the idea of religious freedom — likely catching their peers off-guard. The decision may have shocked Democrats everywhere as well. Justice Barrett is especially an “X” factor in the high court’s ruling as she typically votes in favor of religion.

More Than Meets the Eye

Congressional Democrats and their constituents have argued that the Supreme Court has become a political institution. But with Barrett and Kavanaugh voting in opposition of their like-minded colleagues, it shows that the two are more independent than the political left would have Americans believe.

Conservative Dissention

Despite winning the votes of Barrett and Kavanaugh, the ruling didn’t win the hearts of Neil Gorsuch, Clarence Thomas or Samuel Alito Jr. All three issued dissents from the decision, noting that the workers indeed deserved exemption.

In the dissension, Gorsuch explained that the workers had undoubtedly served the public since the onset of COVID-19. He further added that the new mandate has already cost one person their job and others face losing their life’s work and careers as well.

It’s truly sad to see people lose their jobs and livelihoods due to their choice not to get the vaccine. Many Americans believe forcing people to get inoculated violates their individual freedom and is therefore unconstitutional. Where does it all end?

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