Scientists Want To Rename Monkeypox Because They Think It’s Divisive

Scientists Want To Rename Monkeypox Because They Think It's Divisive

Scientists Want To Change This Term Because It Might Be Divisive

( – The recent emergence of a new outbreak is hardly what anyone wants to hear about as the world continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Regardless, the number of monkeypox cases is steadily rising. While the disease is in an endemic stage in Africa, it’s not that common in other parts of the world. Now, scientists are trying to change the way people view it to avoid another stigma.

When the coronavirus pandemic began in late 2019, it was quickly nicknamed the China flu and the Wuhan virus. In an effort to prevent a similar problem, a group of researchers signed a letter requesting the virus get a new name. Among the suggestions is “hMPXV A.1,” which comes from the classification clades. This outbreak, the researchers claim, “has been detected without a clear link to Africa,” and to keep calling it monkeypox would be discriminatory.

This outbreak is certainly different from the ones seen in Africa previously. More than 1500 people have confirmed cases of the virus, and it’s spread throughout 47 countries instead of remaining limited to one continent.

According to, the transmission methods are different for this disease. In Africa, it’s transmitted from animal to human; this latest outbreak shows human-to-human transmissibility, markedly diverging from existing strains in West Africa and the Congo Basin.

How do you feel about the proposed name change?

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