Scientists Building AI To Detect Illness Through Your Voice

Artificial Intelligence May Soon Be Able To Diagnose Your Illnesses

Artificial Intelligence May Soon Be Able To Diagnose Your Illnesses

( – When people aren’t feeling well, they typically schedule a doctor’s appointment to obtain a diagnosis and maybe medication to get back on the path to wellness. Yet, science has come a long way, and it turns out there may be a new diagnostic method on the horizon involving artificial intelligence.

Researchers from Weill Cornell Medicine, the University of South Florida, and other institutions have undertaken a project analyzing every element of a person’s voice. Researchers hope to use this information to create an app that helps diagnose illnesses.

The project’s first phase, funded by the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) Bridge 2 AI program, involves collecting voice samples. Scientists expect this process o take four years, and researchers hope to collect 30,000 samples during this time. They’ll focus on collecting vocal data from people who have neurological, voice, mood, respiratory, and pediatric disorders. The project could receive up to $14 million in funding during the period from the NIH Common Fund.

Experts say they could gain a lot of information from evaluating vocal data, such as changes in speech. Eventually, using the voice as a biomarker, your phone could notice a difference in your diction and advise you to seek medical attention. It could also help primary care physicians know when to refer patients to specialists.

How do you feel about AI potentially alerting you to changes in your health?

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