School Board Official Offered Inappropriate Classes to 9-Year-Old Children

School Board Official Offered Inappropriate

School Board Director Offered These “Classes” to 9 Year Old Children

( – Sex education is an important part of teaching kids going through puberty the risks involved with engaging in sexual acts. While teaching the subject to children as young as nine seems a little extreme, at least to most people, one former school board president feels like it is necessary and is offering the classes to children aged 9-12.

The class that Jenn Mason, a school board director and sex shop owner in Bellingham, Washington, offers teaches children about sexual anatomy for both reproduction and pleasure. It also explains safe sex practices for numerous sexual activities.

Mason was also the school board’s president but failed to take action after parents complained about Jennifer Miller, a first-grade teacher, reading her students a book about a 2-year-old that was born a boy but was transitioning to become a girl. Now, that very same person who refused to act is offering a sex-ed class at her “all-ages” adult toy store.

It’s fair for parents to become upset over the fact that schools are exposing their children to a curriculum they believe is inappropriate. But where are these parents supposed to go when a member of the school board is the one exposing their children to the content?

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