Rick Scott amends plans for Social Security, Medicare

(UnitedHeadlines.com) – Florida Senator Rick Scott has revisited his Rescue America plan he released last year, which called for federal legislation to end after five years. His plan stated that Congress could pass legislation to keep laws they felt were worth keeping.  

The plan released last year has caused many Democrats, even President Biden, to speak out publicly, stating that Scott and the Republicans wish to end Social Security and Medicare as they are federal programs. Republicans have repeatedly stated that those programs were not part of the plan presented by Scott. 

However, in an effort to find clarity with the issue, Scott formally released an amended plan. 

In his amended plan, Scott made exceptions for Social Security, Medicare, national security, veterans benefits, and other essential services.

New York Senator Chuck Schumer, as well as President Biden have been highlighting the proposed legislation in the last few weeks, using it to be critical of the Republicans budget. However, Republican Senator Mitch McConnell has also tried to separate the Republicans in the Senate from Scott’s initial plan. 

Scott specifically mentioned Biden, Schumer, and McConnell when he released his revisions, saying that while they all knew the initial one did not apply to those programs, the new plan would make the language clearer to eliminate any confusion.

The plan was initially presented as Republicans in the House, who now hold the majority, sought to reduce government spending. The Republicans are now looking to achieve the reduced spending through an agreement with the Democrats to raise the debt ceiling. 

Scott was forced to revise his Rescue America plan  before due to Democrat and Republican criticism of the plan. The plan originally included a proposal that would have required all Americans to pay some federal income tax. Scott went on to amend the language to include those under 60, who are able-bodied and without small children or dependents who are incapacitated should work.

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