Rand Paul Says Ukraine Should Pay for Weapons, Guns Should Not Be Free

Rand Paul Says Ukraine Should Pay for Weapons, Guns Should Not Be Free

(UnitedHeadlines.com) – The conflict in Eastern Europe rages on as Russia continues to push its offensive military operation in Ukraine. Western countries have provided aid to Ukraine to help it battle back against the Russians. In the United States, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) expressed his dismay toward providing this aid free of charge.

Senator Paul spoke about the aid the Biden administration has provided to Ukraine, claiming the US shouldn’t be giving any equipment away. Instead, the Republican feels Ukraine needs to pay for it. Paul’s statement is undoubtedly harsh on the surface, but he does have an excellent point.

The US has provided Ukraine with funding and equipment such as surface-to-air missiles and anti-tank weapons. It’s not that Senator Paul disagrees with helping Ukraine, he disagrees with doing it for free as he expressed during an interview with Rob Schmitt on Newsmax.

Paul mentioned that, given the country is already borrowing money, sending weapons and funds to Ukraine only further indebts it to the US. The senator declared that America is the backstop of the world, but who will take its place when the US puts itself in such deep debt that it ruins the economy and the country? Will anyone be there to save America? Do you think Senator Paul has a point?

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