Proposed Republican Bills Seek To Stop Crackdown On Gas Stove Ban

( – In an effort to stop a ban on gas stoves from the Biden administration, House Energy & Commerce Committee members are proposing legislation which might get a vote in the House this year.

A ban on gas stoves could be implemented due to health risks by gas stoves according to a statement by a member of the Consumer Product Safety Commission in January. After public outrage over the idea of a ban on gas stoves, a proposal for energy-efficiency regulation of gas stoves was released by the Department of Energy, effectively putting a ban on 96% of gas stoves currently in use. The rule proposed by the Department of ENergy would set a requirement at the maximum technologically feasible level for gas stoves. In its estimate, the rule proposed by the Department of Energy estimates a consumer would save $21.89 over the 14.5 years for a gas stove.

North Dakota Rep. Kelly Armstrong has proposed legislation which would put a ban on the use of federal funds for any policy regulating gas stoves as a banned product considered hazardous under the current law by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The Consumer Product Safety Commission would be banned from enforcement of “consumer product safety standards” that increase the cost of gas stoves or prohibit their use.

 Arizona Rep. Debbie Lesko has proposed legislation which would prevent enforcing, implementing or finalizing a rule proposed by the Department of Energy,  which puts into place energy conservation standards for conventional cooking products used by consumers or any rule that is similar.

Both proposals have the support of the chairman of the House Energy & Commerce Committee, Cathy McMorris RodgersThe Biden administration’s two proposals have been met with widespread opposition. 

Democrats have said that the Department of Energy and the Consumer Product Safety Commission is not seeking to ban gas stoves.

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