Post-lockdown Calm: Reducing Body Stress as You Reenter Society

Post-lockdown Calm: Reducing Body Stress as You Reenter Society

( – The coronavirus caught all of us off-guard. It started small and appeared non-threatening but quickly took hold of the world. People have lived in fear for over a year, and with the light finally showing at the end of the tunnel, we have one more thing to do — learn how to return to pre-pandemic norms effectively.

The Return to Normal

There’s no doubt that the past year was far from normal for most people in the United States and around the world. Being cooped up inside and isolated from the world has taken a toll on many. As a result, many have suffered the ravages of depression, sparked from concern over mixed messaging from health and government officials, isolation, and its accompanying loneliness.

However, the return to pre-pandemic life presents challenges. For instance, after being separated from society for months, some people may become anxious around others, feeling uncomfortable out in public and wanting to return home, where they feel safe. The pandemic undoubtedly put severe stress on many of us, but a return to normalcy is proving just as difficult for some people.

It’s important to look to the future and learn some tools to help ease the shift back to life without the constant dread of COVID and the lifestyle changes that accompanied it.

Tips to Get Back to “Normal”

“Normal” is a relative term, but most of us would define it as the time before the COVID lockdowns, quarantines, and social distancing. There’s a natural tendency to want to return to pre-pandemic life — but there’s no going back, only forward. We all have to face the fact that we’ve changed in one way or another.

Here are some tips to help you get back on track despite the differences:

  • Start small and take your time. Never rush into something or make it so overwhelming that you can’t do it.
  • Self-care is essential—practice routines to keep your mind and body regulated during these difficult times.
  • Focus on activities that make you happy or excited.
  • Make plans with friends and family.
  • Set priorities.

Recognize that you have limits and need to pace yourself or risk losing any progress you make. There’s nothing wrong with setbacks, but don’t let them consume you, and make sure to learn from them. We all stumble sometimes; what’s important is that we pick ourselves back up.

Keep in mind that if coming out of lockdown makes you feel uncomfortable, you’re not the only one who’s struggling. Nevertheless, there’s a sense of comfort that comes with understanding that you’re not alone.

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