Popular Toothpaste Recalled by Family Dollar

Popular Toothpaste Recalled by Family Dollar

WARNING – Popular Toothpaste Recalled!

(UnitedHeadlines.com) – Family Dollar is a popular retailer for those looking to purchase items on a budget. Unfortunately, several of the company’s products recently became compromised by incorrect temperatures at storage facilities. This mistake has led to a massive voluntary recall of hundreds of goods, including toothpaste and pain medications.

The US Food and Drug Administration noted in a press release the Family Dollar recall impacts all 48 contiguous US states except Delaware because it didn’t receive any of the improperly stored products; the franchise doesn’t have any stores in Hawaii or Alaska. Currently, more than 400 over-the-counter items make the list, including Colgate and Crest toothpaste, pain medications like Advil and Aleve, deodorant, shampoo, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, and soap.

The company, a subsidiary of Dollar Tree, hasn’t received any calls or complaints of people having adverse effects or illnesses due to the recalled items. The FDA mentioned the now-recalled goods shipped between May 1 and June 10.

Family Dollar is accepting returns of products affected by the recall without a receipt so long as they’re brought back to their purchase location. The franchise is welcoming questions about the issue, directing people to call their customer service center between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST at 844-636-7687. The company is also urging anyone that becomes ill or experiences adverse effects after using one of the products to contact their health care provider.

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