Newborn Babies Not Developing Correctly Since Pandemic Lockdowns Started

Newborn Babies Not Developing Correctly Since Pandemic Lockdowns Started

( – COVID-19 has impacted the world in many ways. Scientists are hard at work trying to uncover all of the ways the pandemic has changed people’s lives across the globe. Unfortunately, recent discoveries have shed light on a disturbing new trend.

A newly released Brown University study found that the coronavirus, and the government’s responses to it, had adverse effects on the development of newborn babies. The university’s study compared children born between 2020 and 2021 with those born between 2011 and 2019. Their research included cognitive testing, the results of which show that babies born after the pandemic’s start have much lower scores than those born beforehand.

Researchers asserted that now would be the best time to intervene, claiming this is when the children’s brains are most malleable. Brown University noted that the pandemic’s environmental impact is likely the cause for the delays, adding that the data doesn’t indicate whether or not the decline is temporary.

The analysts explained that the pandemic changed the environment for young children and pregnant women, claiming these changes would significantly alter child progression. They add that the atmosphere surrounding babies and expectant mothers greatly influences a child’s growth.

Lockdowns and closures impeded the children’s learning, while factors such as stress, anxiety and depression impacted the health of pregnant women and their unborn. Masks also seemed to play a factor in young children. Research indicates that mask-wearing prevents children from reading facial expressions, impacting how they perceived test questions and instructions.

These babies still have a chance at an ideal life if parents and doctors take the necessary steps and precautions.

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