NASA UFO Bombshell – After All These Years!

NASA Report on UFOs Is

NASA Report on UFOs Is “Long Overdue”

( – For decades, individuals who’d insisted they’d witnessed otherworldly objects in the sky suffered ridicule and disregard. Recent years have seen shifts in attitude. Now, even NASA has begun to discuss the subject with complete sincerity. The agency held briefings to discuss classification issues and potential security threats related to what authorities have redefined as “unidentified aerial phenomena” (UAPs).

New Report

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) released a nine-page unclassified report on June 25, 2021, as part of an organized effort to determine the nature of UAPs. The document lists 144 reports of sightings anyone has yet to explain. The agency’s ultimate goal is to assess the potential threats that exist in space — regardless of whether they originated on Earth or somewhere much farther away. The report assumes that some documented sightings result from “sensor anomalies,” while others might be examples of “real data.”

Experts expect to classify all objects they record within five categories:

  • Airborne clutter includes balloons, birds, drones, and random debris.
  • Natural atmospheric phenomena occur due to ice crystals, temperature changes, and other issues that can disrupt equipment accuracy.
  • Domestic developmental programs, such as classified US crafts, could account for some sightings.
  • Foreign adversary systems include technology from other countries or terrorist organizations.
  • “Other” defines all additional phenomena that fail to fall within any of the above classifications.

The report admits that most UAPs remain unexplained, while it also notes many sightings have occurred in or near military settings. Observers have documented such phenomena as having “unusual… movement patterns or flight characteristics.” A total of 21 reports depicted UAPs that could remain stationary despite heavy winds, fly against air currents, make quick maneuvers, and accelerate swiftly without visible propulsion equipment. Observers also detected radio frequencies from some of the UAPs.

Officials consider UAPs as possible threats, citing aircraft collision near-misses and the potential of competing Earth-based technologies from US adversaries.

Moving Forward

Experts hope an analysis of all the available data will shed new light on the nature of UAPs. By standardizing and normalizing reporting, the national intelligence agency hopes to expand its database on the phenomena and improve its understanding of the various events occurring in our skies. Efforts have expanded to include reporting from the US Air Force and the Federal Aviation Administration. The agency hopes further investment in the area will offer valuable information that could help pinpoint the origins, and potential dangers, related to currently unidentified aerial phenomena.

Unfortunately, while we’ve come a long way since the “flying saucer” craze of the 1940s and 50s, the remaining stigma could prove the government’s greatest pitfall moving forward.

Have you ever seen a UAP, and do you think the sightings are extraterrestrial?

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