More Epstein Allegations Unveiled Against JP Morgan

( – New allegations against JP Morgan Chase and its ties to Jeffrey Epstein have been disclosed by the U.S. Virgin Islands government.

New court documents filed July 24, part of the lawsuit against the bank, show details of the dealings the bank had with Epstein from 1998-2013.

New documents show that a previous JP Morgan Chase executive and former Barclays CEO Jes Staley learned about Epstein’s exploitation of young women directly from Epstein in 2006. According to the filings, during Staley’s interactions with the now JP Morgan Chase CEO of asset and wealth management Mary Erdoes as well as JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, the information about Epstein’s actions was shared.

New documents also include emails between Erdoes and a former JP Morgan Chase CEO of asset and wealth management from 2012 that discuss Epstein’s home.

The amount of money “being disbursed”, including large cash withdrawals and payments to different women, was also highlighted in the court documents. According to documents, JP Morgan Chase allegedly opened bank accounts for Epstein’s alleged victims without the verification of personal information.

In its own July 24 court filings, JP Morgan Chase alleges the U.S. Virgin Islands enabled Epstein’s crimes by knowingly using “its sovereign powers.” The documents accuse the territory of “looking the other way” as well as facilitating visas for Epstein’s victims.

The U.S. Virgin Islands requested the judge rule now on an allegation from the lawsuit against JP Morgan Chase that says the bank participated “in Epstein’s trafficking venture.” The U.S. Virgin Islands also requested the judge rule now on an allegation that the bank violated the Trafficking Victims Protection Act by obstructing the “enforcement of the law.”

JP Morgan Chase requests the judge rule that the US Virgin Islands cannot seek monetary relief. The bank also wants the claim that the bank obstructed law enforcement to be denied. The lawsuit against JP Morgan Chase was originally filed in December, with the trial currently scheduled for Oct. 23.

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