Kim Jong-Un’s Sister Threatens Nuclear War

Kim Jong-Un's Sister Threatens Nuclear War

( – Tensions appear to be high between North and South Korea after North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s sister made threats toward the other nation. South Korean Defense Minister Suh Wook gave a speech on April 1 about the country’s missile capabilities and ability to combat any strikes from the north. During his remarks, Wook warned North Korea against action, which didn’t sit well with leaders in that country.

Kim Yo-jong, the influential sister of Kim Jong-un, threw back her own warning on April 3, telling South Korea to watch out or it will face consequences. The dictator’s sister said Wook’s words weren’t wise, Hankyoreh reported, as Kim was threatening a powerful nuclear state. The statement insisted her warning was authorized, meaning her brother gave her permission to speak on the matter.

On April 5, Kim Yo-jong issued a second statement, appearing to have a cooler head this time. Daily NK reported citizens in the nation reacted badly to her first press release, prompting the change in tune. Kim Yo-jong spoke about peace and not fighting because the North and South should be allies.

The obvious issues between the two nations is a concern for the United States. As an ally of South Korea, Americans could find themselves in the middle if fighting should break out.

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