Josh Hawley Takes On Huffington Post Reporter

( – Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley silenced HuffPost reporter Jonathan Nicholson after the reporter tried pressing him about his opinions of the war between Russia and Ukraine.

The question Nicholson asked was regarding the arrest warrant Russia issued against South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham after Graham made comments in support of Ukraine during his visit to the country. Nicholson asked if the issuing of an arrest warrant against a U.S. citizen made it clear “how much and who the U.S. should be supporting.”

In response, Hawley asked, “Who’s advocating supporting Russia?”

Nicholson responded that it is those who do not support more money for Ukraine that support Russia.

In response, Hawley asked, “Who rhetorically has said Russia is the good actor here?”

The exchange caused Nicholson to repeat his claim that not supporting more money for Ukraine was being perceived by some as showing support for Russia.

Hawley’s response again was for Nicholson to name someone, anyone, who has voiced support for Russia. Nicholson replied that while he could name such people, he knows there are people who do not consider support for Ukraine to be a high priority.

Hawley responded by turning Nicholson’s question around, using China as an example. He used Nicholson’s logic, proposing that someone would be automatically pro-Russia just because being anti-Russia is not a top priority. Thus, Nicholson would be pro-China if China is not his top priority.

Nicholson responded by saying he is “a lowly reporter.”

However, Hawley continued to press Nicholson on whether everyone who did not consider China a top priority could then be called a communist. Hawley went on to list all the things China has done against him, Senator Marco Rubio, and about China’s threat to Taiwan. Hawley then asked Nicholson if they should be the top threat. When Nicholson attempted an answer, Hawley said, “I think you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

No article was ever filed regarding the story by the HuffPost reporter.

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