Jordan Issues Subpoenas For Nina Jankowicz, NSBA officials

( – The former director of the Department of Homeland Security’s Disinformation Governance Board, Nina Jankowicz, has been subpoenaed by House Judiciary Committee Chairman and Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan. Her deposition is currently scheduled for April 10.

The subpoena was issued after Jordan’s requests for information about Jankowicz role as the head of the board, which has since been disbanded, were not answered. He asked for her cooperation in the House panel investigation in May 2022, December 2022, with followup requests each month so far this year. The creation and activities surrounding the Disinformation Governance Board is being investigated by the House panel. 

The board was created to target activities related to disinformation topics between various agencies. Jankowicz was named as the head of the board, and critics began pointing to her past social media posts about topics such as the 2020 election as well as Hunter Biden and his laptop as reasons for her to not be qualified to lead the board. Criticism of the board, labeled by some as a “Ministry of Truth,” and the ultimate resignation of Jankowicz in May 2022, led to a pause of the board, which never formally met. The board was officially dissolved in August 2022.

Two other subpoenas were also issued for the National School Boards Association former interim executive director and CEO Chip Slaven as well as the NSBA former president Viola Garcia. FBI Director Christopher Wray, Attorney General Merrick Garland and Education Secretary Miguel Cardona were also issued subpoenas.

The subpoenas were issued in connection to an investigation into the FBI allegedly using its resources to target parents at local school board meetings. A memo from Garland, issued in October 2021, directed the FBI to assist local authorities as needed with potential parental threats. A letter from September 2021,  signed by both Slaven and Garcia to President Joe Biden requested the assistance of federal authorities with parents who voice their concerns at school board meetings.

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