Iranian Authorities Deliver 74 Lashes to Woman

( – On Jan. 8, Republican Party of Florida Chairman Christian Ziegler, 40, was removed from his position following a vote during a meeting in Tallahassee.

The voice vote of about 200 members comes after Sarasota police confirmed in November that Ziegler was under investigation for sexual assault. According to former Republican Party of Florida Chairman and current member of the Florida Senate Blaise Ingoglia, “No one voted for Christian Ziegler.” Ziegler did not attend the meeting.

The allegations are related to an Oct. 2 incident in which Ziegler and his wife had planned an encounter with the alleged victim. A search warrant affidavit stated the victim changed her mind and canceled after learning his wife could not make it. Surveillance video from the day the alleged assault took place shows Ziegler arriving at the home of the alleged victim, according to the affidavit. The alleged victim found Ziegler in the hallway when she opened the apartment door so she could take her dog for a walk. According to the affidavit, he then entered the apartment, raping her on a stool. The alleged victim stated that she had told Ziegler “she was not in a place to consent” since “she had been drinking” all day, according to the affidavit.

The affidavit states that when police interviewed him Nov. 2, Ziegler admitted to the encounter with the alleged victim. He did state the encounter was consensual, adding he recorded the encounter. Ziegler maintains he did nothing wrong.

Since then, he has resisted calls for resignation, including calls from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Florida Sen. Rick Scott. In December, he was censured, and stripped of his $120,000 salary and duties.

Despite calls for her to resign from the Sarasota County School Board, Ziegler’s wife remains on the board.

The head of the Leon County Republican Party in Tallahassee and Republican Party of Florida Vice Chairman, Evan Power, will replace Ziegler, who had been elected chairman in February 2023.

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