Health Experts Alarmed by CDC Cutting COVID Isolation Time

Health Experts Alarmed by CDC Cutting COVID Isolation Time

( – The CDC has had a lot to say about COVID since a pandemic was first declared in 2019. Its guidelines have formed the basis of policy across the United States, despite the fact they’ve changed numerous times.

Remember when the CDC warned against having the general public wear face masks? Yeah, that didn’t last long.

Now, the CDC is flipping yet another one of its stances — this time, by cutting recommended isolation times from 10 days to just 5 in people who’ve tested positive but haven’t shown any symptoms. The new guidelines ask anyone returning to work after five days to mask up for an additional five days to protect others from possible lingering infections.

On top of that, while the CDC first said the change was due to science measures, Anthony Fauci contradicted that statement by professing the change was something necessary to keep society running. This measure also came with another; people no longer have to test to verify they are COVID-free, as the tests can come out positive up to 12 days after the initial results.

While many people are relieved to see the shorter isolation recommendation, some health experts believe the move is reckless. They point out infection lengths vary by individual, with some people still shedding the virus much longer than others. With the Omicron variant gripping the country, many experts are currently holding their breath.

At this point, who really knows what to believe? The CDC hasn’t held firm on any of its guidelines, even if its experts have followed the scientific method. Consequently, the US population has had it with ever-changing restrictions and mandates. Maybe it’s time experts seek out a system that will work for everyone long-term, or perhaps start listening to the experts that have been forcibly silenced this whole time?

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