Fiona Hill Says Putin Would Use Nuclear Weapons

Fiona Hill Says Putin Would Use Nuclear Weapons

( – As Russia continues to assault Ukraine, many people fear that World War III — or worse, a nuclear holocaust — is on the horizon. According to one expert, the use of nuclear weapons is likely closer than people think.

Fiona Hill, who’s worked under both Democratic and Republican administrations, is an expert on Russia, having spent decades studying its President, Vladimir Putin. She recently spoke with Maura Reynolds of Politico about the ongoing conflict. In the discussion, Hill mentioned that old trends and long arcs are currently converging on Ukraine.

She added that history is repeating itself, and regardless of whether anyone realizes it, the world is already in the middle of World War III.

Hill believes Putin’s age is beginning to get the better of him, stating the Russian President is uncharacteristically operating on emotions. Hill noted that Putin’s increased emotional motivation is dangerous, which means he might use any weapon at his disposal, including nuclear ones. As evidence, she mentioned Putin’s grim warning that any country interfering with Russia’s military operation in Ukraine would see surprisingly extreme consequences.

Do you believe that Hill, an apparent Putin expert, is speaking the truth? If so, what does that mean for the world?

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