Family Guy COVID PSA Riles Up Skeptics

Family Guy COVID PSA Riles Up Skeptics

( – People who watch “Family Guy” know the show stirs up controversy. As a result, it typically targets prominent names to parody them. However, the show’s creator, Seth MacFarlane, took a much more serious tone in a video released on September 21.

On that occasion, “Family Guy” did what it does best, riling up certain groups of people — in this case, people who don’t want the COVID-19 vaccine. Peter Griffin debates whether or not he should get the vaccination in a clip first tweeted by Family Guy on FOX.

After the doctor poorly explains how vaccines work, the young Stewie Griffin takes it upon himself to provide better guidance, inviting family dog Brian along for the ride. The pair then shrink to microscopic size and enter Peter’s body, pointing out spike proteins and the way the body responds to certain viruses. Finally, Stewie mentions vaccine side effects but reassures viewers they are mild compared to the possible long-term effects of COVID-19.

The show does all of this while cracking jokes along the way in true “Family Guy” fashion.

The short clip quickly caught the attention of people who disagree with the vaccine. One Twitter user called MacFarlane a sell-out, accusing the show of conforming to government narratives.

While on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, MacFarlane said he felt driven to make the video by the current pandemic. He believes FOX network is doing an excellent job at getting information out to the public and wanted to do his part.

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