Europe May Have An Unlikely Savior Amid Gas Shortage!

Europe Looks to Africa To Ease Natural Gas Shortage

Europe Looks to Africa To Ease Natural Gas Shortage

( – Russia’s war in Ukraine has sent ripples worldwide, threatening economic and energy-related impacts on a global scale. European dependence on Putin’s fuel supply has created a strain to keep up with demand. The combination of foreign sanctions and Russia’s threats to cut off exports has left people scrambling for solutions.

Bans on Russian energy sources have increased prices and reduced options for many countries currently anticipating the winter ahead. Amid the shortages, some European leaders, like those in Poland and Germany, are turning to African nations for help.

A wealth of natural gas reportedly lies beneath the surface of the Senegal and Mauritania coasts—enough to power all of Germany for about five years. The project to create a running supply between the African and European locations is only 80% complete, but it offers a light at the end of a long, and possibly very dark and cold, tunnel.

Other countries, like Italy and Spain, plan to gain some of their supply from Algeria. Officials are still unsure when those exports will begin, and obtaining the resource could still have some roadblocks. The presence of natural gas alone doesn’t guarantee relief, with thefts, production costs, and Islamic terrorist attacks standing as possible barriers. Still, if these countries succeed in their efforts, they could change the landscape across multiple continents.

African officials also want to make domestic use of the increased supply, noting their countries have historically had the smallest carbon footprints while enjoying the fewest benefits from fossil fuel use. The move could ultimately help bring several poorer nations into the developed world.

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