Elon Musk Orders Lockdown at Twitter So No Employee Can Sabotage Him

Elon Musk Orders Lockdown at Twitter So No Employee Can Sabotage Him

Twitter Special Order Given Over Sabotage Concerns

(UnitedHeadlines.com) – It’s official, the world’s richest man has bought out Twitter. Elon Musk’s multi-billion-dollar deal is a win for him and for free speech. However, not everyone is feeling great about Musk’s takeover. Several employees and celebrities are quite upset about the changes to come, claiming Musk is a danger to democracy. To curb potential sabotage, Twitter’s new boss is taking action.

After announcing the acquisition, which will take roughly six months to complete, Musk placed Twitter under lockdown in case some of the company’s employees and developers got the idea of sabotaging the platform. The move includes banning updates that aren’t necessary for business.

Aside from the lockdown, Musk has announced there will be some other big changes coming to the social media platform. The world’s richest man suggests Twitter may move on from the ad-revenue business model to a subscription-based model. He’s even talking about allowing users to pay in Dogecoin.

Musk has also discussed possibly allowing tweets to be longer and providing users a blue checkmark of verification for those who pay a subscription fee.

Left-wing celebrities like Jameela Jamil have announced they plan to leave Twitter in protest of Musk’s takeover. Other celebrities with liberal ideologies, like George Takei, have asserted their intentions to stay. The “Star Trek” actor expressed his dismay at the situation but mentioned it was more important than ever for moderates to stay on the platform and keep it balanced.

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