Elon Musk Gives KILL ORDER – He’s Wrapping It Up! Good news!

Elon Musk Kills Controversial Project at Twitter

Elon Musk Kills Controversial Project at Twitter

(UnitedHeadlines.com) – Elon Musk has made a lot of changes at Twitter since he finalized the $44 billion purchase, and some users aren’t happy about the instability. The tech guru most recently attempted to fix potential quality control issues with his altered “blue check” system, only to “kill” the new strategy less than 24 hours later.

Musk shared that Twitter would be taking the coming months to figure out what worked and what it should scrap, adding the company would “do lots of dumb things” amid the trial and error. The rollout of his $8 monthly “Twitter Blue” plan proved disastrous, with fake accounts immediately abounding just to spite the system.

To fix the issue, the billionaire launched a verified “gray check” system to coincide with the paid blue one, but he quickly pulled the project. The new owner then seemed to return to his original stance, doubling down on his assertion that the paid plan would return fairness to the platform.

Some users weren’t impressed. One shared that the blue check marks had become pointless, while another noted the symbol now merely indicated users were willing to pay for their accounts.

Musk has made massive changes to Twitter since the acquisition, beginning with firing the executive board during his first day in charge. The entrepreneur has big plans for the company, with the ultimate goal of achieving “X, the everything app.” Forbes shared that the tech whiz hopes to realize an application similar to China’s WeChat, a social media site and connection hub providing services for everything from takeout food to taxi rides.

What do you think about all the changes currently happening on Twitter?

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