Doctors Successfully Transplant 3D-Printed Human Ear

Doctors Successfully Transplant 3D-Printed Human Ear

Doctors Just Successfully Transplanted This on a Human Body

( – Advancements in technology have helped the human race tremendously over the years, especially in the medical field. Doctors of the modern era are performing operations that many in the past would have believed to be impossible. Most recently, doctors successfully created and transplanted a human ear using 3D printing technology.

3DBio Therapeutics modeled the new ear based on the patient’s intact one, then used her cells to 3D print it. Doctors performed a successful transplant of the manufactured appendage onto 20-year-old Alexa, who was born with a misshapen and small right ear.

The company behind the miracle claims the new appendage will continue to produce cartilage, giving it as close to a natural appearance and feel as a person can get. 3DBio Therapeutics’ success is just one of many breakthroughs in transplanting organs and tissue. Earlier in 2022, a surgeon successfully transplanted a modified pig heart into a man suffering from heart disease, although he died two months after the surgery.

As this technology advances, there may no longer be a donor waiting list for patients needing organ transplants to survive. Imagine if a person in need of a new heart could go to a surgeon and donate some cells to have one printed up. The possibilities of this historical breakthrough could change the course of medicine for years to come.

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