Disney Silent on Genocide, Vocal on HB 1557

Disney Silent on Genocide, Vocal on HB 1557

(UnitedHeadlines.com) – Corporations look out for one thing, what will make the most profits. Most will avoid anything that could potentially hurt the bottom line, such as political issues. Such seems to be the case with Disney, which has no issue targeting a controversial Florida bill but turns a blind eye to genocide in China.

Disney executives have been outspoken against Florida HB 1557, dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill by opponents. Critics say it is anti-LGBTQ because it bans teaching certain subjects, including sexual orientation, to younger students. CEO Bob Chapek released a statement on Facebook saying the company opposes “legislation that infringes on basic human rights.”

On the other hand, Disney execs have been silent about the genocide involving the Uyghur population in China. The ethnic cleansing of this Muslim group doesn’t seem to bother the company as it continues to film there. When Fox Business questioned Disney about the issue, there was no response.

Christina Pushaw, the spokeswoman for HB1557 proponent Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, said Disney has shown it couldn’t care less about the genocide in China. It thanked officials who are directly responsible for Uyghur internment camps in the credits of its 2020 film Mulan. They also edited out these camps in the background of scenes in the movie.

DeSantis spoke out in a December 2021 press release about this issue. He stated big companies kneel to the Chinese Communist Party, doing anything officials ask, which is simply wrong. The bottom line shouldn’t be more important than human lives.

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