Daylight Saving Time May Be Coming to End

Daylight Saving Time May Be Coming to End

( – Tired of having to change the clock twice a year, once to “spring” an hour ahead and once to “fall” an hour behind? Luckily for everyone who is sick and tired of these shenanigans, the changes could be coming to an end.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) spoke after the US Senate unanimously passed his Sunshine Protection Act, making Daylight Savings Time permanent.

The bill still has to get through the House of Representatives before heading to Biden’s desk for a signature. Even then, Rubio noted that Americans will have to wait before seeing their dreams come true, explaining the bill won’t go into effect until November 2023. This delay gives airlines and similar industries time to adjust. The bill only pertains to states that observe Daylight Savings Time; states following Standard Time will continue to do so.

Daylight Savings Time started out as a way to conserve energy, shifting daylight hours into the evening, allowing for better use of daylight. There are currently 70 countries that observe the practice, according to Time and Date.

If the bill passes through the house, the US will no longer be one of the many countries to change its clocks twice every year. Do you agree with Rubio? Should Daylight Savings Time be permanent?

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