Dan Crenshaw Says a Mass “Exodus” Is Coming

Dan Crenshaw Says a Mass

(UnitedHeadlines.com) – The COVID-19 vaccine has stirred up controversy in the United States. Dan Crenshaw, US Representative (R-TX) and former Navy SEAL, added fuel to that fire in September when he tweeted about vaccinations. It’s a common misconception that all Republicans belittle and demean the COVID-19 vaccine. Some, like Crenshaw, support people’s choice to get the jab, but they also fear the country could see a severe shift in personnel because of mandates.

America’s Fighting Force

Rep. Crenshaw doesn’t oppose the COVID-19 vaccination, but he does oppose mandating people to get the vaccine. He noted that in the military, where service members are facing a deadline to receive the immunization in a few weeks, there could be a large number of experienced personnel leaving.

The Representative’s warning comes as thousands of US service members are still not vaccinated against COVID-19. Crenshaw’s warning could be valid with the high number of people who haven’t received a single dose of the vaccine.

The Truth

Crenshaw believes Americans deserve an explanation from the Secretary of Defense on how the US plans to deal with the potential hit to America’s force readiness. The Republican also expressed dismay over how tired everyone is of all the controversy.

Crenshaw personally believes immunization is effective and safe, but he doesn’t think anyone should be forced to receive it. The former Navy SEAL expressed his anger toward Democrats accusing Republicans of bad-mouthing the vaccine and explained that he’s never said anything negative about the COVID-19 vaccine itself. However, Crenshaw added that several Democrats attacked the vaccine during Trump’s presidency, like Kamala Harris.

Facing Deadlines

Members of the Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Army all face looming deadlines. For example, while much of the Navy has received the vaccine, the Marines, which also have a November 28 deadline, haven’t been as successful. Similarly, thousands of unvaccinated Air Force employees only have three weeks left to get their first dose.

The US Army doesn’t require vaccinations for members of the National Guard or Army Reserve for another eight months. The delay has prompted criticism from Katherine L. Kuzminski, an expert on military policy at the Center for a New American Security, who believes the Army encourages inaction. Moreover, with the high number of personnel who apparently don’t want the vaccine, the Army may need time to recruit and train people to replace everyone who leaves.

Balancing the needs of a ready military versus the administration’s COVID-19 response shouldn’t come at the risk of reducing the number of active-duty military troops. What do you think about vaccine mandates?

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