Comedian Roasts Garth Brooks Over Bud Light Stance

( – Comedian and actor Rob Schneider had some advice for country music artist Garth Brooks: “Just shut up.”

Schneider’s comment comes after Brooks stated that when his new Nashville bar opens, Friends In Low Places Bar & Honky Tonk, it would sell “every brand of beer,” referring to the boycott of Bud Light. He said he wants his new bar to “be a place you feel safe in.” Brooks continued by adding that there were other places to go “If you’re an a**hole,” seeming to reference bars owned by John Rich and Kid Rock, which are not selling Bud Light.

After releasing a special edition can of Bud Light featuring transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney, the beer’s sales and the company’s stock have been in free fall.

Though Brooks has attempted to walk back what he said by saying, “Diversity is the answer to all our problems.” He stated that he was selling Bud Light, and the customer decided to buy the beer. Brooks added that other people have their own beliefs and opinions, saying that is “OK.” However, the damage has been done with many fans taking to Twitter to voice their opinions.

Schneider said the apology shows Brooks’ ego by saying, “I’m a good person because I did this,” which Schneider admits they are both susceptible to.

Schneider said Brooks should stay out of the drama in the future by visiting quietly. He added that most people remain silent because “culture is in a peculiar little place of hypersensitivity.” He said there is no way to make amends and be forgiven and that avoiding being caught up in the situation is better.

According to Schneider, it’s good practice for famous people not to be too involved in business operations so they are not taking the heat in such a situation, leaving them able to say they have nothing to do with it.

As for Schneider, he said he would “speak my mind” if it causes him to make less money; he will “just fly first class on Delta” instead of a private jet.

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